Employment Fraud – Is Your Identity Protected From Imposters?

employment fraud

Employment fraud is a serious problem, and you don’t want to become a victim of it. If you want to protect yourself and your identity, there are preventive measures to take and things to remember. In order to stay safe, you have to pay attention and always be careful.

What is Employment Fraud?

There are two main types of employment fraud. The first type involves a lack of the promised payment, where you begin work but the employer doesn’t pay you. This usually results because the agreed payment was worked out verbally and without written contract.

The second type of employment fraud results when a fake employer posts listings or job offers and can then obtain all of your identification information, as you would supply this in your job application. In this case, these imposters could then steal your identity, which is a serious crime.http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/jul/24/irs-taxpayers-face-more-identity-theft-cases/ for latest news.

How to Prevent Employment Fraud

There are several easy ways to avoid these problems, but they do involve a little extra time. Let’s first talk about the second type of employment fraud where an imposter could perform identity theft. In this case, you want to avoid applying to jobs without veritable employer information. Do some research to make sure that the company and the recruiter are reputable. If asked to meet, ensure that the area is safe and really the location they say it is.

As for the other type of fraud, you will want to be sure that a written contract is created before you begin working. If you’re really concerned, ask to have a witness present when you both sign the contract, and then keep a copy of the contract yourself. Most veritable employers would be more than willing to provide this if you need the security, as they’d always want their employees to feel safe and secure while working.

More Tips to Avoid Fraud

Even so, you’ll want to avoid any possibility of employment fraud in the first place, so here are some tips to keep yourself safe from identity thieves.

• Check to see that the job postings are from a certified website or source. When looking online, this can be more difficult to identify, but avoid sites that are virtually unknown or aren’t developed well. Local newspapers are probably more desirable and focus within your area, but you’ll also want to see that the employer is real.

employment fraud

• Look at the contact information. If the employer has an email that is unprofessional or a random series of letters and numbers, chances are this is not a real job offer. Employers from big companies will also probably have an email associated with it, so those are probably safe.

• Don’t give out information easily. A fake employer would probably want to know all your information as soon as possible, but things like your social security number shouldn’t be necessary before you even hand in your resume. Always do some research and ask a friend or even your local job office to make sure you aren’t in trouble.see this link now!

Keeping your identity safe while applying to jobs is important, but not impossible. By employing these tips and paying careful attention to details, you can prevent employment fraud and protect your identity.

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