High Paying Career Profiles

high paying career

Getting a job is becoming easier since the economic condition is slowly getting back to the norm. But many companies are hesitant in hiring individuals with little to no work experience. For this reason, fresh college grads need to seek harder and really show off their unique individual talents and skills in their resumes. A work opportunity in the field of technology is everywhere and even though many are searching for a senior positions, lots of newly grads have been picked for jobs in technology.

Many jobs offer high paying rates other than the technology career profiles. Some not conventionally creative career profiles offer employees $40K or more. The following are high paying jobs that you can land today.

Marketing and Business: This type of job pays depending on the degree and experience of the applicant. A business manager makes approximately $19,000 in a year. Having a degree in marketing or business administration will give you many options. You can work in banks, companies, colleges, schools and even prepare yourself to building your own business. Fresh graduates make less but somewhere around 40K. (http://www.germanshepherdtraininghq.net/)

Education: This career profile is commonly thought of as a best option for fresh graduates who are looking for a job. You can be an educational specialist or arts organizer aside from handling students. In public schools, the average pay rate of teachers is around $47-51,000.

Web Design and Development: This career profile is a highly competitive and high paying career choice. As the age of technology continues to improve more and more companies are seeking to profit online. The average pay rate of web designer is $51,000.

high paying career

Technology: Each company possesses some form of technological infrastructure as well as creative venues. Every company needs secure information and maintenance of databases. For computer science, IT majors tech specialist and database administrators jobs could best suit your needs. The average pay for this career profile is $70,000. Click here for updates.

Paralegal Studies: The job description of a paralegal includes assisting trial lawyers, drafting all different types of contracts such as marriage separation papers, mortgages, trusts and wills. Intellectual property links the world of legal and creative areas. With music, pictures and some other innovative materials accessible by a simple click of a mouse, it is very easy to intrude the copyrighted work. The average pay is about $66,330 annually for paralegal career profile who works in the publishing industry while those in entertainment, recreation and arts earn $57,120.

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