Title: Life Lessons You Didn’t Learn In College – But Will Need at Work

lifeAfter all those years of hard work and late nights in college, you may think you’re ready for one of your first jobs, but don’t get too comfortable yet. While you may have learned all the necessary skills needed to complete an assignment, you also need to be able to succeed in the workplace, and that includes a lot more than just being able to finish a project. From maintaining professional relationships with your coworkers to knowing how to treat your boss, you will always need to stay aware of others and yourself if you want to advance in the industry and do well with your jobs.

1. Maintain a positive attitude.

Don’t be that guy. No one likes to be around grumpy downers, and you definitely don’t want to be given that title! Instead, try thinking about the good things, and always stay friendly with the other employees of the area. When given a new assignment, give a smile and try to be happy with your employment. Complaining will only bring everyone down, and your boss might not be so pleased to hear about your dissatisfaction.

2. Be professional.

This includes a lot of things, including treating your coworkers with respect. If you’re kind to them, they’ll treat you the same. When someone needs help, don’t just brush them off and rattle off some lame excuse; give them a hand and they’ll return the favor when you need it.

Staying professional is even more important with your boss. While you’ll want to be friendly and keep up a good relationship with your boss, you also want him to know you for your skills. Do well and always be prompt and honest, and your employer will remember you for it, especially when they’re looking to promote people for better jobs.

3. Know your limits.

Part of being a professional is also knowing that you can and cannot do. Don’t say you can complete a project in a day if you really can’t, and don’t give yourself too much work at once. On the other hand, don’t just sit around and wait idly if you finished your work well before the deadline. Both attitudes will danger your image. Instead, be honest about what you can do and communicate clearly. If you’re being given too much or too little, tell your boss so that he can adjust your workload to a level that reflects your abilities.

4. Show humility.

If you mess up, admit it. Don’t put the blame on someone else when it’s your mistake. At the same time, don’t boast about a raise or act superior to your coworkers. If you don’t act humbly, your coworkers and boss will be quick to see you distastefully, and it’ll be hard to clean up your image after that.

5. Stay on top of your work.

This is probably one of the most important attributes to success. In school you may have had cram sessions the night before a huge test or put of a project until the last minute, but this won’t work with jobs. Manage your time efficiently and don’t slack off. Eventually all that hard work will pay off and your employment situation will get better and better.

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